Ballet Dancers


Rehearsals will start the week of September 6th. There will be 41 Rehearsals in total as a production.

The following rehearsals are for specific scenes that require more time.

Snow Scene 7:00-8:30pm 
Solos ( Arabian, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Dew Drop) 7:45pm-8:45pm 
Party Scene ( claraand friends, Adults, Drosselmeyer ect) 7:15pm-8:35pm 
Battle scene (mice, soldiers, Mouse Queen, Nutcracker) 12:45-1:45

Mandatory Rehearsals
The following rehearsals are Act Rehearsals and are mandatory to be able to complete the ballet as a whole.

Saturday October 30th Act I 1-3pm
Saturday Nov 13thAct II 1-3pm
Saturday Nov 20th Act I 1-3pm
Saturday Dec 4th Act II 1-3pm
Tuesday Dec 7 All Acts 5-8pm

** If you need to take time off for these rehearsals you need to communicate with Ms Sara with at least 3 weeks notice and you can only be excused for 1 rehearsal. This will ensure that our production runs as smoothly as possible